Promise to Astrid Book Cover
A random act of kindness, a thoughtful deed, or even a compassionate word can have a lasting impact on someone’s life.

When experiences like this are extended to others, and in turn shared again, they spread like seeds scattered in the breeze.

Astrid was a catalyst for this story, but it began much earlier, when a friend was kind to her many years before, and someone before her…

And here we are, perhaps a hundred years later, where those scattered seeds have bloomed, and the gentle winds of kindness keep blowing.
A Promise to Astrid is a small book but will leave a big impact on readers…an emotional and humorous book that readers will enjoy…his thought-provoking storytelling shines through to readers. A Promise to Astrid is a powerful work of Christian non-fiction.
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Hollywood Book Reviews
A Promise to Astrid is touching and humorous short story that will leave a lasting impression on readers. It will be a treasured addition to any readers spiritual collection.
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